About Us

AttilaJuhasz2Hello, I’m Attila Juhasz, your host and creator of WIMZTV.

My love of entertainment and the Internet goes back twenty years when I built the world’s first commercial genre web site, HorrorMovies.com. In 1998 I sold it to then publicly traded Unapix Entertainment Inc where I worked for a few years. Since then I have been involved in numerous web sites, but the fun and passion was never the same as it was back in the 90s with my early creations.

The time now is right for WIMZTV. My love is entertainment. My passion is entertaining. So with WIMZTV, I have the opportunity to deliver classic Movies and TV that many have forgotten about or never even heard of. WIMZTV is all about having fun.

When you fancy fun entertaining TV,
and classic Movies,
it’s WIM-Z-TV