Top Ten Viewed on WIMZTV Roku Channel

After just a few days of launching the WIMZTV Channel on Roku, thousands have added our channel and have been enjoying our collection of classic television and movies. Here are the Top 10 videos viewed this week.

1. Mr. Ed – The Beneficiary
2. The Three Stooges – Disorder in the Court
3. Superman (cartoon) – The Mad Scientist
4. The Beverly Hillbillies – The Clampetts Strike Oil
5. The Green Hornet Strikes Again – Episode 1 Flaming Havoc
6. The Dick Van Dyke Show – Hustling the Hustler
7. Bugs Bunny (cartoon) – The Falling Hare
8. Rescue from Gilligan’s Island (movie)
9. The Little Rascals – Mush n Milk
10. Dragnet – The Big Producer

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